Welcome to All of our Out of Town Masqueraders, Virgins to Carnival, Veteran Bacchanalist and anyone who falls somewhere in between.

This is general information to ensure you enjoy your experience and come back for more each and every year. Here is what you should expect and remember during your Miami J'ouvert experience. Ultimately we want you to be safe and have a GREAT time!!!

Guarantees: Soca Music, Dancing, Crowds, Alcohol, Paint, Powder and Water

Register Now for the i2Bad Private Section of GenX J'ouvert 

Go to the J'ouvert Page and choose one (1) of the two (2) styles of shirts provided for i2BAD Men (males) or i2Baddies (females). The price you see is based on the size you choose but more importantly it includes your Registration fees. Registration includes entry to the park for GenX J'ouvert, Breakfast, Paint, Powder, Drinks, and more all day!

All purchases are Non-Refundable.

J'ouvert is about letting go of your inhibitions and just let the music control you. Make sure you wear clothing that you are comfortable with throwing away, down to your underwear. There will be lots of paint, powder and water.  So keep this in mind, your clothing, underwear and shoes maybe destroyed. A great suggestion is to lather your body with baby oil prior to the event to ensure paint will wash off easily. Bring plastic bags or old sheets to protect your car seats for the drive home because you will be covered in layers of fun like never before.

Get ready to get on bad and don't forget to chant i2BAD!!


Register i2Bad in association with Revel Nation Carnival by clicking the link below

Go to the Carnival Page to be directed to Revel Nation Carnival to view photos of the costumes in any section. Once you select your choice, select i2BAD as your referral. You can select any Section. Registration includes your costume selection, entry into the fairgrounds, all day drinks and a meal, along with all day on di road with nuff vibes and the Revel Nation Carnival and i2Bad crew! All deposits are Non-Refundable. Full payments are required by August 1st. Please contact directly if you have any special orders.